How To Clean Contact Lens After Use

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How To Clean Contact Lens After Use. Soak the lenses each night. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go.

How and When do you Clean Air Optix Contact Lenses
How and When do you Clean Air Optix Contact Lenses from

Wash and dry your hands with an antibacterial soap. None of these adequately disinfect your contacts or remove the buildup of proteins and germs—and can contaminate your lenses. Add a small amount of this simple saline solution into the compartments of your contact lens storage container.

Use A Clean Spoon To Mix The Salt Into The Water, Ensuring It Dissolves Completely.

Many contact solution brands come with a free case to make this process a little easier and inexpensive. Camel hair is thin and will be less harmful to the lens. Remove the contact lenses from the case and set them aside in a clean bowl with contact solution.

It Would Seem Natural To Use Tap Water To Clean Your Contact Lenses, Especially If You Live In An Area That Has Clean Fresh Water.

You should use the hottest water you can stand. Hydrogen peroxide offers an alternative for people sensitive. Afterall, not only do we ingest fresh water, we swim in it and wash our bodies with it!

From Cleaning Harsh Stains To Sanitizing A Cut Or.

An artificial lens implant is used to replace the cloudy lens inside the eye during cataract surgery. You can use a lens brush, but we recommend a lens brush with camel hair. Never, ever use water or saliva to clean your lenses.

Contact Lens Cases Need Replaced Two To Three Times A Year, But They Need To Be Properly Sanitized Monthly To Kill The Bacteria.

Rub your contact lenses gently with fresh solution and then rinse them again to. Since contact lens solution has a neutral ph of 7, it is. Always use fresh contact solution to clean your contacts before you put them in.

We Also Use Water To Clean Our Clothes, Our Dishes, And Our Pets.

Empty the contact solution and rinse the case for a few minutes. Cleaning should be followed by rinsing with fresh, sterile disinfecting solutions (never use water) and wiping the lens cases with a fresh, clean tissue. Your case can harbor dangerous bacteria if not sanitized properly on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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