How To Use Smith Machine Bench Press

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How To Use Smith Machine Bench Press. I was able to slowly lower it and roll it off safely, but it got me worried since i don't have a spotter. Some may disagree with me, and that's okay;


The smith machine bench press increases strength in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Bench press machines are safe and will allow you to push heavy weight without the need of a spotter. Some folks who hit the gym alone and don't have a spotter feel uncomfortable working with a free barbell, so they use the smith machine.

Incorporate Smith Machine Bench Press In Your Routine But Do Not Neglect Free Weight Bench Press.

For this to happen, you want to make sure the bar is in line with your chest (when lying down). The smith machine can be of great use for a move like the bench press because it helps eliminate the need for a spotter, helps you focus on your chest over the other stabilizing muscles, and provides similar benefits to that of a conventional press. There are several bench press machines out there (i.e.

The Safety Of The Twisting Lock System Of A Smith Machine Can Allow You To Overload Your Muscle That Bit More Than If.

For superior deltoid and pec activation, the free weight bench press is better than the smith machine. Lie flat on your back on a bench directly underneath the barbell of a smith machine. Again guys i think each of these modalities of bench press, the smith machine, barbell and dumbbell bench press, could serve a purpose in your lifting routine.

And I Know That It's The Same For A Lot Of Other Fellas, Too.

Lie on a bench so that your lower chest is in line with the barbell. In general, you will want to begin by setting the bench in the correct spot. Let’s begin with how to use the smith machine for bench press.

Another Option For Bench Press Is Using Dumbbells.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together. However, i always say do what works best for you. If you struggle with the lockout though, you probably aren’t able to put up much weight in the bench press.

Since Research Shows That Bench Press Grips Beyond 1.5X Shoulder Width Increase Injury Risk, It Follows That More Moderate Grips Are Much Healthier For The Shoulders.

If you experience shoulder discomfort, try tucking your elbows in a little more. A smith machine is a weight machine in which a barbell is fixed within steel rails, allowing for only vertical movement. I was able to slowly lower it and roll it off safely, but it got me worried since i don't have a spotter.

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