Simpson Washing Machine Agitator Not Working

Simpson Washing Machine Agitator Not Working. How to inspect the agitator coupler in a washing machine: Pump drains water, but agitator will not work.

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While it was washing, empty, i grabbed the agitator and it just lifted straight off. The motor will restart once it has cooled down. When loading the clothes into your washing machine, there are four things to remember:

As With Any Washer Repair, Safety Precautions Are Necessary.

Simpson esprit 550 top loader washing machine. The insert, lint filter & top cap are not height 460mm including cap, height without cap or …. A washing machine will become unbalanced if there are too many clothes being washed in the same load.

These Are Hard Plastic Cogs, Resembling Cams.

If the timer does not advance while the washer is in a spin cycle, the timer probably needs to be replaced On some programs the water level is below the level of the door so cannot be seen when the machine is loaded. Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water supply after use, clean and maintenance.

You Say Pump Drains Water But Agitator Does Not Work.

There may be a burning smell as well. Please select your model number from the list on the left. How do i turn on this machine.

Simpson Encore 605 Washing Machine?

Another reason the washer won’t agitate but spins is transmission failure. Before beginning, disconnect your washer from the power source. Will this stop agitator but allow pump to work?

Hi My Washing Machine Does Not Spin Just Makes A Clicking.

This can also occur if the clothes are not evenly distributed within the basket. When the washing machine is making a crunching or grinding noise, and the agitator’s upper part isn’t moving smoothly, or is actually frozen in place, it is a good idea to examine the agitator cogs (also known as dogs). Before you begin, unplug your washing machine and put a pair of work gloves on to protect your hands.

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